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Please answer the following questions. Make sure to respond off one another and if you can; try to pose a question for others to answer.

If you are a dreamer, do you have to be more careful/vigilant? Explain. Do the characters in Gatsby have a dream? Is idealism just a way for people to escape reality? How might this tie in with someone like Jay Gatsby/James Gatz?
Nick says to Gatsby, "You can't repeat the past." What do you think? Are there repercussions?


Blogger nconn said...

No, I believe if you are a dreamer you are very fatalistic in that you dream of what could happen but whatever happens is supposed to happen. Although many dreamers set out to complete their dreams and reach for the stars many fail. I think that sometimes dreamers chase after dreams that they already think they might fail. I think the dream of the characters in Gatsby is to be among the wealthy and to have a care free lifestyle but those living the lifestyle know its not care free. I feel that sometimes people legitimately dream because they are aspiring to reach their goal. But others are just trying to reach a goal that maybe can not be reached by some people. Jay Gatsby is a dreamer not in the sense of wealth and partying but in the sense of true love and how love over comes all. He has put Daisy up on a pedestal that no one else can touch because she is his one true love. I think it's true you can not repeat the past because it will not turn out the same. Trying to do things over again is a disaster in the making because you get your hopes up for inevitable failure.

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Blogger jennr said...

I think I am a dreamer for the most part. I like to think about what my life could be like and I like to set goals, but in important situations I might tend to go with a more logical choice rather than a risky one. I'm trying to become more daring because I think it can be much more rewarding. I think that some of the characters in Gatsby have dreams, but most of them are satisfied with their situations. They are content and do not feel the need to "rock the boat". They might want to be rich and popular, but they do not have any individual goals that would be personally rewarding. In their eyes, life may seem to be perfect, but that is only because they refuse to acknowledge any faults. When Nick says "You can't repeat the past", Gatsby should really learn from that because if you do not learn from the past, no progress can be made.

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Blogger AndrewM said...

If you are a dreamer you must be more vigilant. Dreamers who pursue thier dreams may not always be taking the safest route to obtain what they are looking for. If you are too careful then you will be shying away from what it takes to complete your dreams. Many of the characters in Gatsby dream of being extremely wealthy and well respected. Gatsby dreams of one day being with Daisy and she dreams of being with him. Gatsby wants to relive the past he shared with Daisy and Nick thinks that this is a pipedream and that this isn't possible. I believe that you really can't repeat the past and even if you could it is not worth reliving. Life is too short and there is too much to see and do. Even if you want things the way that they were it will never be identical to the past experience even if it happens to be very similar. The past is there for memories but it just isn't worth reliving

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Blogger erics said...

Why would you be more careful if you are a dreamer? I think that dreamers, if anything, are careless. Dreamers set their goals high, and often times never meet their expectations for themselves. By doing this, the dreamer has just shattered everything they have set their heart to, they've set themselves up for utter dissapointment. Like Nicole said, just because a dreamer didn't meet his or her goal, doesn't mean they didn't succeed. Even though the dreamer didn't reach his or her goal, he or she is better off than if they had never tried for anything in the first place. The only downside, is that the dreamer may think they failed. If you don't have hopes, you'll never accomplish anything. Also agreeing with Nicole, I believe the characters in the book have a dream of being care free and always having fun, but those who appear to be doing this are actually the most depressed people in the story. I agree with Nick's quote, you can't repeat the past. I think that although something bad in the past may have happened to you, you have to look forward to the future and overcome the adversity. Often times, things turn out better than what you had imagined.

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Blogger abok said...

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Blogger abok said...

i think that if a person is a dreamer then they will try their hardest to achieve the dream but once they get there, they will remember the journey not that they reached the dream. I don't think that the dreamer is careful because it seems like a dreamer's journey is almost like a hero's journey. Both venture out into the unknown, then are faced with trials, then recive/ counquer what they went for. Heros can't be careful and neither are dreamers. I tink that some of the charaters in The Great Gastby have a dream. It seems like Gastby dreams of Dasiy as Daisy wanting him not for his new found money, but because they clicked so well before the war. Daisy wants everyone to love her no matter who they are. I think that is why she keeps asking if Nick he wants to kiss her. I dissagree with Nicole about how they want a care free lifesytle. I think the oppiset. Nick expessily wants something of subtance not just meaningless chatter. I think that you can repeat past but not in the same format. You can never completly go back to the beginning and change something, but when the same issue comes up you can always change so the past does not happen again.

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Blogger kschumacher said...

I do not think that if you are a dreamer you have to be more careful, I think it is exactly the opposite. I think that people who are dreamers tend to take more risks because they want to achieve their dreams. I agree with nicole when she talks about how some people chase after their dreams when they already know that they will fail. I think that there is a difference between those people and people who genuinely believe that if they want it badly enough, they can achieve their dreams; no matter what the risk. I think that the characters in Gatsby all have very short term dreams, such as getting invited to a party or going to lunch with a certain person. I think that Gatsby is the only one who has a long term dream. It seems like Gatsby has been dreaming of being with Daisy again for a really long time, and he has taken little steps over the years to get closer to achieving this dream. I do think that idealism can be a way to escape reality. I think that no matter what your situation is you can always dream of something better.Foe example, Gatsby has an amazing, rich life and yet he still dreams about daisy and how she would enhance his life even more. I think that it is true that you can't repeat the past, and I agree with Eric when he says that you have to look towards the future. I agree that things can turn out better than you imagined and that reliving your past would not change your future. Your past is what made you who you are today.

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Blogger Kelleng said...


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Blogger Billy N. said...

In order for a dreamer to achieve his goal/dream he must not be distracted. Sometimes it can be easy to get sidetracked and this is why we need to be careful. Gatsby probably has the biggest dream. I don't really see anyone else with any drive. It seems like his goals dissapiont him. He strived to be a wealthy man and now he is but it seems like he's disappointed with it.

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Blogger Kelleng said...

I agree with Andrew in saying, "If you are a dreamer you must be more vigilant." I would replace must with are naturally. Dreamers are naturally risk takers, because they feel their lives aren’t where they want them to be and will do most anything to improve that. I feel that those in Gatsby have the dream of becoming more intent with life. They want to try the latest thing or the newest product just for the 15 minutes of satisfaction. I would reference that to caffeine. You get real high and then come down real hard. Reality is relative; so to say that idealism is an alternative of escaping realism would be an unfair assessment. I do feel that we all need outlets to "get away." Whatever floats your boat, if you bottle things up and let the boil for too long with out an outlet of idealism or whatever it may be, then only bad things will come from that. Gatsby is searching for his outlet, which right now seems to be love. Love is driving his every move and it’s a way for him to keep sane. To repeat the past is wasted time. Best example I can give is anytime you tell a joke that is right off the top of your head, and a friend didn’t hear and asks to repeat it. Is it ever as funny as the first time?

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Blogger Michael said...

You could define a dream by, a distorted piece of reality thus a dreamers world is the complete opposite of reality. For example if a dreamer thinks that he could fly and jumps off a cliff chances are he’s asta-la-vista. I think that every character in The Great Gatsby has a dream, whether it’s Gatsby winning back Daisy, Tom continuing his quest for control over people, or Daisy trying to hop on the next wagon of new money, everyone including Nick, Jordon, Myrtle, etc has a dream. I liked what kschumacher said about Idealism. I also think that when you think of better things/outcomes then you can possibly strive towards those goals. For the last question I would have to agree with Nick in the sense that the past cannot be repeated. I do think however we can re-create situations that usually can have the same out outcomes, but then again past is past and those repercussions are over. I think everyone knows that every action has a reaction, the bigger in the size the greater the reaction. In this book especially these actions can make or break any character at any time, particularly in the game of love.

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Blogger shudgins8 said...

If you are a dreamer, you should be more careful and vigilant because when dreams don’t come true, it can greatly hinder a person’s state of mind. If you are wise, you will set your goals and dreams to be realistic in order to keep them attainable and to maintain a strong mind. Dreams are extremely important because they drive a person to become better and excel in life. The characters in Gatsby have a dream of wealth and happiness, but what they began to find out through the story, these two don't mesh well together. I do believe idealism is just a way to escape reality, sometimes people need to just face the facts about what their life will be like. Idealism incoperates itself with Gatsby because he dreams of a world that could most likely fail, with Tom standing in his way, Gatsby will find his dream is little more than that. I think the past can be repeated, because if someone doesnt take anything away from the first experience, it could easily reapear. There are always repercussions.

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Blogger Janessa S said...

I don't think that you have to be careful if you are a dreamer. The great thing about being a dreamer is that they are willing to take risks no matter what just to achieve their dreams.

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Blogger Little Nicky Parker said...

I agree with Kelen and Andrew that dreamers are naturally risk takers. If you have a dream you wish to accomplish, more than likely it isn't going to be risk free. I don't believe that dreamers must be more vigilant, but that they must be just the opposite. Dreamers must take much larger risks in order to accomplish their goals in comparison to those who are not dreamers. Jay Gatsby is definitely a dreamer. He dreams of making things like they were before, the way they would be if he wasn't shipped off to war. Nick says to not try and recreate the past because it is impossible. People change and circumstances change over time. Events only take place under the perfect circumstances.

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Blogger lstaggs said...

I, along with most people on here, agree on the fact that dreamers live their life a little more on the edge. I believe that if you dream, you are willing to do whatever it takes to get to that. I think that in Gatsby, most people are dreaming to go to one of Mr. Gatsby's giant parites. They also are dreaming to have lunch with one another. But I do not think that the past can repeat itself. This is because if you learn from the steps of failure last time, all you need to do is switch it up a little more and test it out. You bound to get it right.

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Blogger sam t said...

Yes, because dreams have no limit and can be taken wherever you want them to be taken. If you are a dreamer and aren’t careful about how much you dream it could become an obsession to try and achieve that dream, and if it is an unrealistic dream you could make yourself crazy because in reality it may not be achievable. Yes, they want “the life.” What I mean by “the life” is that they want to be rich, famous, pretty, anything that would involve money. Yes, for the people in Gatsby you have to remember that these people just got done going through a war and a depression and all they want now is something to relax their troubles. Repeating your past can prove to be fatal, it all depends on how bad your past was. If you had a past of helping people and you repeated it than you would end up helping people and may do even better things. If you have had a destructive past and repeat it all that you will get is more destruction and it will tear you apart. I agree with Nicole on Jay Gatsby because he is more focused towards being involved in the power of love and the influence it has on someone.

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Blogger LUPE said...

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Blogger LUPE said...

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Blogger LUPE said...

i feel that every one could be a dreamer. if you didn't have drems then thier would be no point in life it'd be to boring. You really wouldnt be able to set you own goals in life and achive for something greater than where you are already. Its all about taking risks and making mitakes. i think the characters in the book are dreamers. they all want something more not only from eachother, but also from others around them. They have money, so in some way then they needed to achive something big to have that kind of money. even with all the parting they do their comes more than just that and drinking, money, glory and so on. It comes that when gastby i a lovable person he is a man that loves some one. and i think if he is able to want and love someone that much then they have dreams. love can be a beautiful dream that brigns a feeling that their is nothing better in the world, but it can also be a horrible nightmare that can cause so much damage to ones self.
Life in my part is just one big dream. and whenever its over who knows if it'll be real or is it just the end.

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Blogger LUPE said...

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Blogger LUPE said...

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Blogger stephanie s. said...

If someone is a dreamer you do not need to be careful. But many choose to dream about the more logical than the radical one. They would rather choose the ideal one because it has a better chance of happening than the radical one. People like to believe that dreams do come true. I think characters in Gatsby have dreams. Gatsby dreams that he and Daisy get back together like old times. He wants Daisy to realize that he is the right one instead of Tom. Yes people use idealism to escape reality. They use drams to help them cope with detremental things. THey believe if they dream they can achieve anything they want. He tries to reason why he went to the army was the right decision. He doesn't want to blame going to war was the reason he lost Daisy. He still tries to find ways why he left him for Tom. That the past is very hard to repeat. Everyone learns from the past and often try not to repeat it. Gatsby is shooting himself in the head that he lost Daisy. He thinks about life if he didn't leave for the war. I think the past is hard to repeat. If someone lives in the past they will miss things in the present.

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