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Good Students, Class, and Teacher

Please answer each part.
What are the qualities of an effective/productive student? What are the qualities of an effective teacher? What are some of the things this class needs to have in order to have a productive learning environment?


Blogger Alison B said...

Some qualities of an effective and productive student are they get their work done and are ready for class the next day. Also, they listen in class to the teacher and other students and voice their input at appropriate times. An effective teacher should try their best to explain concepts to the students. A teacher should also help the students to have fun learing what they are teaching so that the students will listen and be interested. In this class i think that everyone should respect others, listen, do their work, and feel free to talk openly for this calss to be a productive learning environment.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Soo K. said...

Qualities of an effective student could be studying and being organized. They could also be effective by listening to others' opinions and voice their opinion when participating. Qualities of an effective teacher could be listening to students' opinions and ideas. They could also help students with work or things that they need help on. Some of the things the class needs to have a productive learning environment is listening to each other when one is speaking and respecting other people.

4:48 PM  
Blogger karmk said...

A student and a teacher should have a few qualities they have in mind in order to be effective. a few things a student should keep in mind is as follows. First, a student should always respect his/her teacher. Even if you don't agree with what they are teaching you should still respect them. Secondly, you should make the job a little easier for the teacher by having ALL your homework finished correctly and done with care. teachers would really appreceate it if you care about what you are doing and not just doing it to get it over with.Lastly, don't be afraid of you teacher and ask him/her a question if you really need to.
Teachers should also have a few things in mind to be an affective teacher. a couple i can think of are, First, the teacher needs to be enthusiastic with their teaching. I know i learned way better with teachers who were all gung hoe about what the were teaching. And that makes the students a lot more likely to be more enthusiastic as well. Secondly, don't pit a students ideas down. if you do that then it really makes a student hide away the rest of the class. And lastly, you doe your part as a teacher, keep your word etc. we really put trust in our teachers and we really want to kepp that.
so if we both do our parts, then it will be easier for school and for our lives now and in the long run.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Sheldon said...

Good essential qualities needed for a productive student can be simpilized to really only one quality. The Student has to care. If the student cares the he or she will be motivated to accomplish what needs to be done in order to have a successful and nonwasteful time in learning.
However, a teacher does not need to care, he or she are only doing their job. Whether they choose to make it exciting or not is up to them. A teacher could only have to do the bare minimum as to not to get fired. However a good teacher will care, and help the student above and beyond to achieve knowledgeable greatness for the student and the teacher.

6:02 PM  
Blogger nicolec said...

Some qualities of an effective student are willingness to learn, participate, and to be open minded. These qualities are essential to have a productive career as a student. Putting a positive spin on things is also a good quality because that can turn most negative things around.
Some qualities of an effective teacher are willingness to explain one concept in many different ways, and to have many different teaching stlyes in order to appeal to every learner. The teacher should also try to be level with the students and understand what they want out of the class. In our class I think everyone should be open minded and not just dreading the A-List paper. I also think it should be a discussion filled environment to get everyone involved.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Roxy S. said...

An effective/productive student should be attentive in class. Eye contact and physical responses are important. They should be willing to learn for themselves and noone else. An effective teacher should have passion for the knowledge they are trying to share with students as opposed to force feeding it. They should avoid assigning busy work that dampens students excitement for the subject. A class should have hands on projects and things that students can relate to or find some interest in.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Eric S. said...

Qualities of an effective and productive student include commitment and desire. Just like anything in life, if a person has no desire to complete the given task, they will not do an adequate job.
An effective quality of a teacher is to be able to connect with his/her students. If the students respect and like thier teacher, they will be far more attentive in class.
In order to have a productive learning environment in class, all students opinions are to be heard and respected. This applies at all times, no matter how outrageous the comments may have been to his/her peers.

9:31 PM  
Blogger lsheffield said...

Punctuality and respect are some of the biggest qualities of an effective and productive student. Also, knowledge of what is going on in class and paying attention are good qualities. Being prepared before class starts and turning in homework are great to make a habbit of doing. The teacher should show the same qualities the student does; punctuality, respect, being prepared, etc. The class needs to be comfortable and the students need to know that they will not be disrespected or made fun of. It is important that all the students are being heard. If one student is confused about something and asks a question it is important that the students who understand pay attention and do not distract other students. It is equaly important to have fun in class and not always be serious. This provides a fun, comfortable and productive environment to learn.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Janessa S. said...

A modern day student is nothing without qualities that are effective as well as productive. If a student doesn't have good habits for a school environment, then they aren't going to get far. Habits like studying, paying attention to the teacher, going in to a classroom with a positive attitude, and a will to learn are all good qualities that help a student have a some-what effect on their peers as well as help them progress in their academic career.

As for a teacher, they must have a passion for teaching. They must put all they've got into that one passion for the greater good of their students. This is so both the teacher and the students can achieve a greater academic "high" if you will. See, if everyone is willing to learn (including the teacher), then the classroom would be a friendly and approachable environment where anyone could walk in and feel comfortable expressing their self without fear.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Stephanie S. said...

Good qualities of an effective and productive student is the student can complete the homework assignments well. The student can work well with others and tell his/her peers what she thinks about the topic. The teacher should have good leadership qualities as including all the students. They should make the classroom a comfortable place. The teacher should make sure the she has the students interest in mind. A teacher should make sure that other students aren't disrespectful of others interest. The classroom should have a fun enviroment as much as possible but serious when needed. There needs to be respect among the students and teacher.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Madisson L said...

No matter how productive a student is, it's useless unless they are accompanied by a teacher willing to be equally as productive. A healthy student teacher relationship is a balance of what is brought to the table by each party. The student should possess qualities of being punctual, attentive, and come to class ready to learn. Correspondingly, the teacher should create a good learning environment with a comfortable atmosphere. If students and teachers learn from each other and feed off of others energy's and idea's there will be a balance that every student should experience. When everyone does their part, a good time can be had by all.

5:50 PM  
Blogger chelby C. said...

I believe that a effitive and productive stundent is when they do there homework and they are on time to there classes.They are orginized and work really hard. They would also take time into there class work and care about what they do . I believe they should also listen and say there opinion and be apart of the class. An effictive Teacher is someone that cares about there job and cares about each student, they take time out and make sure that the students are getting and learning things . Also, I believe the teacher try relate to the stundent. ( weakness and stongness)

7:14 PM  
Blogger Michael M said...

I think that an effective/productive student must want the ability to learn about American Literature. They must be respectful to the teacher and there fellow peers at all times. A student should always be open minded to new and difficult topics, and must evaluate the whole situation before making rash opinions and remarks. NO STUDENT AT ANY TIME should bash other ideas in hurtful remarks or words toward that student; instead should argue their points of view in a professional and organized way. An effective teacher must know how to engage the class while having control over it. The teacher should also evaluate the class and base decisions upon it, whether the class is shy or rowdy. In the end the class must come to certain terms to agree upon to produce a productive learning environment.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Troy B said...

There are many different qualities that make up a productive student. I think that most of it is being excited about what they are doing in school and that they want to learn the subject matter. As for teachers i think that it is a very important that they make the class fun and exciting, so that the kids want to be there and learn. Other wise it’s just another class to them. Most importantly for the class to be productive, everyone should want to be there and want to know more about what the teacher is teaching. So all around the whole class should be thought of as fun or interesting by everyone in it.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Adam S said...

The qualities of a good student are these, they must speak what they truly believe and feel, and they have to generally have a good attitude about what they are learning. A good teacher is one that brings the class donuts on occasion, as well as keeping the material fun and interesting. The teacher should keep the classroom loose so that people are not afraid to share what they really feel. A good class should be attentive to what the teacher is saying. The class needs to allow the teacher to teach and not constantly interupt her. The students of the class also need to be respectful of everyone's opinion.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Billy N. said...

A productive student participates almost every time he has a good answer or a strong opinion. Although participation is important, a student who repeats everyone elses answer in a different form for the sake of getting participation points, will get the class nowhere. An effective teacher can bring up good topics, but does not control the discussion completely. The things our class needs is good discussion topics with good volunteers. One way to have good discussion, is have opposition in the class. The topics presented to us are so much more fun to learn with if we question their properties. Above all I think we all need to have respect for others, and their opinions. Conflict and opposition are fine as long as we are not disrespecting others in the process.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Andrew M said...

In order to have a productive learning environment there must include an equal commitment from the teacher as well as the student to learn. The effort that the teacher puts forth must be focused on expanding the student's horizon by not only teaching the required material but by also helping the students realize thier potential. The student must carry scholarly values including coming to class willing to learn and participate but they also must be genuinely devoted to learning. The final element that allows a classroom to be a very productive learning environment is that both the teacher and students respect each other and have a close relationship with everyone in the class.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Callank said...

Good qualities of an effective and productive student are, they are in class an ready to learn when the bell rings or when the teacher tells them. The students Should also be considerate to other people's opinions and be willing to try new stuff in the class. The teacher, i think, should be enthusiastic and excepting of just about anything a student has to say or share. The class needs to be exciting, like we need stuff to do to be entertained and to learn better. That in my opinion would make a good class.

9:34 PM  
Blogger JackS said...

Some qualities of an effective student include having goals, because without goals you as a person cannot achieve anything in life let alone an effective student. An effective student also has the abilty to stay focused in class and keep up with all the work, he or she needs to do. An effective teacher has qualities like making the class fun for the student. The more fun the student has while learning, the better they will learn. A good teacher should also be enthusiastic about what they do. Its hard for the student to care if the teacher doesnt even care. To make this class fun and productive I think we as a class need to be open with eachother about our ideas and create a laid back, funny learning enviorment.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Christopher P. said...

An effective student is not much different from an effective teacher: both need to be organized ready to learn and teach (teachers should never stop learning and students always have something to teach each other); both need to show respect to the other; and they both should be having fun.
For a productive learning enviroment all students and the teacher should be considered productive/ effective and there should be a set course of action for dealing with those who dissrupt.

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